Publication Overview

This year’s modern fine arts aesthetic is influenced by Flat Design, Art Deco and Popular Art, displayed in the retro art movement referred to as Memphis Milano Postmodern Design. The technical nature of TAGA and its authors forms a relationship with Memphis Milano Postmodern Design when you consider the origin of this movement. This Italian art movement was created by a group led by Italian architect Ettore Sottsass as a style of architecture and furniture design in the 1980s. The group created the style through the practice of inviting both professional and undergraduate level architects, writers and designers to collaborate together.

The style contains elements of asymmetrical shapes, gridlocked colors and arbitrary angles, resulting in a bizarre, highly structured design with a tense, flamboyant theme using triads of contrasting colors. Its application and theory are applicable to the technical studies of art that we, the TAGA group, practice today. Much like the Memphis group, we are volunteer scholars who create work that communicates with our industry’s professionals.

Awards Won

Best Electronic Publication

Best Technical Writing

Our Digital Publication

The 2016 Digital Edition of the TAGA Journal was designed in Adobe inDesign and distributed as a .ePub document. All animation and interactivity were included via Adobe inDesign Digital Publishing tools. The eBook utilizes the iBooks API to program the table of contents in-app navigation for the publication. This API was coded and edited using Calibre and .xHTML markup language. This digital publication is a mobile, tablet and desktop compatible counterpart to the print edition of the RIT 2016 TAGA Journal.

A Closer Look


For this publication, we used Helvetica for titles and headlines, Minion Pro for body text, and Book Antiqua and Bodoni for display text. Adobe Creative Cloud tools were utilized by the TAGA members to facilitate the premedia phases of production.

Color and Visual Style

The Memphis Milano style contains elements of asymmetrical shapes, gridlocked col-ors and arbitrary angles. The result is a bizarre, highly structured design with a tense, flamboyant theme using triads of contrasting colors.


The paper we used for our publication was donated by Mohawk. We used Mohawk Color Copy 98, Bright White, 100C/270gsm for the cover, and Mohawk Color Copy 98, Bright White, 32W/120gsm for the text pages. We also had paper inserts of the Curious Collection Metallics, Ice Gold Digital, 80T/120gsm.

The perfect binding of our book was done in collaboration with B Squared.


This book was printed in late 2015 and early 2016 on a Xerox 8080 DocuColor digital press, in RIT’s School of Media Sciences. TAGA members managed the entire process in-house. The judge’s editions included 3d-Printed T’s on the cover, and were printed with the Cubify CubePro and MakerBot Replicator 2X and 5G printers.

Members Involved

Alissa Roy
Mitchell Morgan
Olivia Konys
Mandi Moon
Hannah Mulford
Abigail Austin
Arianna Wagar
Voltaire Hardy
Jolia Thadal
Meghan Olexa

Christina Thorpe
Jolia Thadal
Laura Silva
Kevin Geary
Brian Cusak
Emily Shriver
Emma Strongin
Cynthia Chu
Monica Gustin
Mikayla Stricklett

Dennae Makel
Sumin Oh
Tatiana Morales
Jason Schultz
Eliza Tehan
Kendra Murphy
Colin Turner
Melanie Kim

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