This year’s book has been focused around pushing traditional printing processes by using uncommon layouts and heavy color. The graphics are equally as active as the content, and the content is enhanced by the alternative content organization. This year’s book blurs the lines of academic publishing and art magazines.

Our Digital Publication

The digital version of our publication was created in ePub as part of the Adobe InDesign software.

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A Closer Look


For the typography in our book, we used League Gothic and Universe, examples of expressively modern and clean typography, and chose Bembo Std to bring a tone of classical typography.


We are working with a CMYK styled color palette as a direct nod to the modern 4 color printing process (specifically the one we will be using in-house).


The paper for our publication was donated by Mohawk.


This book was printed in late 2015 and early 2016 on a Xerox 8080 DocuColor digital press, in RIT’s School of Media Sciences. TAGA members managed the entire process in-house.

Members Involved

Alissa Roy
Hannah Mulford
Emily Sharp
Alex Greenhalgh
Mandi Moon
Andy Charlot
Arianna Wagar
Rachel Goldberg

Margaret Sommers
Ben Picard
Jolia Thadal
Catherine Zic
Cindy Castillo Lake
Eliana Jacobs
Grace Klinger

Kevin Geary
Monica Gustin
Melanie Kim
Htaw Pakao
Isha Mehta
Jason Schultz
Nina Zheng

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